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The Pale Rider

Rider 2The fourth horseman in the Book of Revelation is Death, astride a pale, greenish, corpse-coloured mount, stampeding across humanity. The Mexican mystic Samael Aun Weor claimed in Fundamental Education that we all bear the electromagnetic footprint left by our ancestors and when they breathed their last they left an imprint on the genes and chromosomes of their descendants. The path of life is therefore beaten by the hoofs of the horse of Death and Death is therefore programmed into our DNA. The pale rider is out there, waiting to move in and stake his claim.

It is only recently that evidence has been emerging that gene mutations can occur very rapidly however (see Spontaneous Evolution), whereas before it was thought changes take eons. Genes are switched on and off by signals from the outer and inner environment. We can therefore engineer our own genes by lifestyle and choosing our thoughts and emotions. We can also go further, and direct our intention towards altering the gene codes bequeathed to us by our ancestors, and this is best done by placing ourselves in a meditative state when our minds and bodies are most open to suggestion.

Rider 6It is a spring morning and on a grassy place is a maypole. Ribbons fall from the top and flutter in the breeze. We approach and take the ribbons, and wrap them around the pole in the same way as the double helix spirals holding our DNA. We are lengthening and strengthening our telomeres.

When we have created the pattern we desire, we stand back and an onlooker hands us a bow and arrow. We fix our gaze on a point two thirds up the maypole. There is a dark spot there, a concentrated place of dim energy. As we do this we hear the sound of a horse approaching. There in the corner of our eye we see the pale rider, waiting to see what we will do. We shoot the arrow into the dark spot, and on impact there is a burst of energy, and the spot spits and crackles like a sparkler. We feel a surge of youthful energy, a lightening of a burden, a release in our breast. The horse bucks. We have deactivated the gene that set our death date at that of our ancestors. We affirm: I am free of my genetic heritage. I create a new lineage today.

Green shoots appear around the arrow. The pale rider turns the horse around, and is soon gone.

Rider 4We are now free to choose another age for our death, for the genetic slate has been wiped clean; we may set it at 110 years, 120 years, 200 years or none at all. All disease has been vanquished. Death has no dominion. We have the power to shape our own DNA. We are a new creation

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