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One day we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror in the lift and our face has changed shape overnight. Instead of a smooth oval our chins have become pointy and there is a dent either side of it. This is the beginning of jowls.

There are various causes. Jowls may be due to excess fat under the chin, to subcutaneous fat descending accentuated by a slackening of the cheeks which produces a fold, or by loss of muscle tone. If left unaddressed the inverted triangle of our younger face will turn into the upright triangle of the older version of ourselves, where the jowls broaden the lower half of the face, making us look like our gran.

But jowls are not only present in the over-fifties. Recent newspaper articles have reported on a new phenomenon : iPhone face.

iPhone face is caused by long hours staring down at a small screen. This shortens the neck muscles, making them sag, eventually giving you a second neck. Watch out when reading for long periods too.

There is a simple solution for the jowly but it requires discipline. Excess fat under the chin can be eliminated in the same way as excess fat anywhere – weight loss or liposuction. Loss of muscle tone in the face can be eliminated in the same way as loss of muscle tone anywhere – by exercise.

We must do our face gym. The best exercise is to tip back the head and blow enthusiastic kisses at the ceiling without puckering the lips; men will recognise this as the shaving position. This strengthens the jaw line. Another good exercise to dissolve fatty deposits is to repeatedly slap the jaw line.

There are plenty of websites with explanations on how to keep the facial muscles well-toned.  Staying ageless requires commitment. Let us commit to banishing jowls today.

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