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Subatomic meditation

Here is a meditation that descends deep into the cell at the subatomic level.
We imagine we are standing outside a cell in our body. This may be a symbol for all our body or the cell of a particular area we wish to heal or rejuvenate.
Subatomic meditation 4aWe see the cell wall, penetrate through a receptor crossing the cytoplasm to the nucleus. With an attitude of reverence we penetrate the nucleus where we encounter chromosomes made up of the triple helix – DNA. We become even smaller and see that the triple helix is made up of a chain of molecules (carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen..), and that each DNA molecule is made up of atoms.
We picture these atoms, and choose one. Then we enter the atom, the smallest unit of life. We are on holy ground.
Our consciousness has now entered the subatomic level. At this level time is fuzzy and electrons can be in several places at once. The subatomic particles that exist in our bodies can exist as a wave or as a particle.
Picture then, the interior of an atom inside our bodies. The atom is made up of a nucleus of neutrons and protons, bunched together like grapes, and electrons in orbit in what is known as electron shells around the nucleus.
In a flash we find ourselves sitting on top of the nucleus, and we behold the sky above us.
Subatomic meditation 3The electrons are in a cloud, and can only be seen if we fix our attention on them, otherwise the sensation is that we are surrounded by a crackling fog. Here and there like forked lightning are the electron trails which slowly fade away like vapour. In the first orbit two electrons can be made out if we fix our focus there. In the second – further out – there are eight, in the third eighteen…
We see ourselves then, on the surface of the nucleus, looking up at the cloud of electrons that appear and disappear from behind the clouds like moons in orbit around a strange planet. We visualise the lights, the colours of the electron cloud above.
Subatomic meditation 2The distances are vast – the electron shells extend as far as the eye can see.
This is the subatomic field. We have placed our focus in the enormous empty space that makes up 99.99% of our bodies. We are, at this moment in our meditation, pure consciousness with power over the matter beneath us. And so we repeat:
“Regeneration is more natural than degeneration.”
When we wish to end our meditation, we rise up through the electron cloud and exit the atom, the nucleus and the cell, and open our eyes, gazing upwards imagining the sun and the moon above us and the endless spaces beyond.

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