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DNA regenerative meditation

Stress changes the chemical composition of our bodies. The science of epigenetics suggests it may therefore be possible to consciously engineer our cells by sending them signals created by thoughts and emotions. Beliefs can trigger or de-activate genes.  As aging is caused by DNA damage, here is a visualisation exercise to help the body to repair the strands of DNA that have been imperfectly reproduced. Select a piece of inspiring music and close your eyes.

Visualise a dark forest, at the end of which is an expanse of ocean, glistening in the moonlight. Walk to the edge of the forest. There are orbs of light entering and exiting the forest.

This is the outer cell wall. The orbs are oxygen and carbon dioxide.

There are two tall trees either side of the path – one with a silver bark on the right and one with a dark bark on the left. We ask permission – of God, “Source”, our higher self – to get into a boat moored on the shore.  Acknowledge the right silver tree as Jakin, greet the left-hand darker tree as Boaz, and then get into the boat and row out onto the water[1].

The water is choppy. The sky is stormy, full of white and dark clouds of different shapes and sizes and birds swirl above your head.

The cell is a place of frenzied activity. The water is the cytoplasm, the white clouds are chains of amino acids, changing their shape like contortionists, the dark clouds are the mitochondria, full of energy waiting to be spent, the birds are the proteins, the workers in the cell.

Eventually in the storm we see a light. It is coming from a lighthouse; our boat is washed against the wall of the lighthouse. We alight onto a step. Knock three times on the door and it will open.

This is the cell nucleus. Inside it is the stuff of life, our DNA.

Inside we see a magnificent tower of spiral steps, the double helix, stretching up as far as the eye can see. Climb those steps and stop at a rung marked with the body part we wish to regenerate – skin, heart, liver etc. Repeat three times, “Regeneration is more natural than degeneration”.

In our mind’s eye, feel the wind enter the lighthouse. It swirls and howls around the spiral steps. It has a fresh, pleasant smell, it is refreshing, not cold, and it is carrying glistening strands of algae, which slot into place where there is damage, restoring the DNA to its original form. Repeat three times, “DNA damage is being reversed”.

When the algae have restored all the damaged strands we picture ourselves descending the stairs, taking the boat back over the sea, now calm, to the shore. We re-enter the forest, and open our eyes.

[1] Jakin and Boaz were the 2 columns at the entrance of Solomon’s temple. In the Kabbal Jakin and Boaz are the 2 pillars of the tree of life.

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