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Aznavour 2Charles Aznavour, who has just turned 90, has an ambition: it is to live until he is 120.
Proving that there is no reason why 90 should mean being wheeled around an assisted living centre, he still gives concerts and wows audiences with his ballads such as Dance in the old fashioned way and She which made him a household name in the English-speaking world, as well as the many songs in French which made him famous from a young age when he lived in Paris. Of Armenian parents, he was brought up a poor immigrant in a one bedroom flat with his parents, sister and grandmother in the Latin Quarter.
His insuppressible sense of humour has made him a popular interviewee, particularly because of his self-deprecating tendencies regarding his diminutive height (5ft3).
Aznavour not only writes and performs his own songs but has also acted in more than 60 films, and despite once bemoaning that he was “too small, too ugly” to make it in movies, he starred in François Truffaut’s film Tirez sur le pianiste which proved a box office smash in the States, catapulting him to fame, after which he Aznavour 3performed in New York at Carnegie Hall.
The success of She in Great Britain led to him being the butt of jokes from comedy troupe The Goodies who dubbed him Charles Aznovoice.
He has been married three times and had an affair with Lisa Minelli. His popularity with the ladies earnt him the nickname Love Pixie.
He used to smoke four packs of cigarettes a day, and also was by his own admission “a good drinker”, but mellowed after his third marriage to Swedish-born Ulla in 1968.
He is still performing over 100 concerts a year around the world. Aznavour recently said he still “writes every day, often a song a day”, and shows no sign of retiring.

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