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Accepting responsibility….

Do you known anyone who accepts no responsibility for the things wrong with their lives? Whatever unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in, it’s because of someone who did something to them; whatever negative personality traits they have, it’s because of something that happened to them; whatever they failed at, someone else is to blame.
Responsibility 2This post is about being accountable for everything. This is tough, since it is undoubtedly true that other people do bad things to us, and that our external environment affects the state of our lives and our bodies. But accepting responsibility means accepting the power to change what we don’t like. Without absolute responsibility there can be no power. And who likes the symptoms of ageing?
So if we’re showing signs of age, is it our fault? How ridiculous is that, to imagine there is something we can do about fading beauty and increasing frailty? But in fact there is a great deal we can do – the only difference with youth is the young don’t have to work at it. We must get rid of the illusion that we are powerless to overcome the relentless physical and mental decline that accompanies the accumulation of years of experience. If we give away the responsibility to our genes or our hard life or to Mother Nature, we undermine our own power to stay ageless. Staying ageless means retaining physical health, attractiveness and mental agility indefinitely.
Responsibility 3It is never too late to accept responsibility for our negative emotions, which have a considerable effect on our health. We must stop blaming others, or work, or romantic partners or family or advanced age and past hurts. People who stay ageless have accepted that each of us is 100% accountable for how our lives turn out. This is hard! Everyone is happy to take the credit for success, but when things aren’t so good, we’re so quick to point fingers at other people and place the blame on them. When bad things happen we don’t have to understand or explain them, but accepting responsibility for them once they’re in our lives is empowering. It also means not playing the victim to thoughts such as I have no time to exercise and no money for luxury health and beauty care. We have our mind, the most powerful anti-ageing tool of all, which is free.
Responsibility 4It is never too late to accept responsibility for one’s health. Those faulty genes? They may have been our Irish grandfather’s or our Patagonian grandmother’s but know what? Now they’re ours. Let us be the change in the DNA chain, and dare to experiment with epigenetics. We can switch ‘em on or switch ‘em off through intentionality and healthy living (see video page, 104yr old cyclist).
Sartre said man is condemned to be free because once thrown into the world he is responsible for everything he does. Right, so let us be free to stay ageless.
Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee via Compfight cc

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