The speed of thought

Two people who have experienced some kind of connection may find their thoughts synchronise. Here is an example.
Debbie and Derek had split up over Derek’s rages. Debbie called them the demon within that Derek needed to tame if their relationship was to continue. On Friday 13th December last year Debbie was writing Christmas cards and hesitated while addressing an envelope to a friend in Devon since the friend had expressed the intention to move to another part of the country. She had written two letters = D E….when a text arrived from Derek which said, “Today Friday 13th might be a good day to kill the devon in me.”
“V” and “m” are not adjacent on the keyboard.
Thoughts travel faster than light : in experiments the brain reacts to violent scenes before they appear on a screen – blood pressure, heart rate, skin resistance change – as if the body is steeling itself against an imminent shock. This does not occur if the next image is a flower.
Thoughts travel faster than light : such as in cases of precognition. If I dream of finding a gem-studded brooch on a country path and the next day I find such an object on a walk, we could say the dream was caused by the experience of finding the brooch – an example of the future affecting the past, or of thoughts moving so fast they are at odds with the passage of time in the physical universe.
Thoughts travel faster than light : as in déjà-vu. The thought of the object we perceive arrives before the image reaches our retina, which then sends the information to the visual cortex. The thought exceeded the speed of light and caused a twitch in time. Our thoughts are not bound by the laws of the physical universe, but cognition is.
It is as though we are sailing along an interconnected spider web of space-time in which the future is an attractor pulling the present towards itself. Because our awareness is non-local, the past may also act as an attractor.
According to David Bohm (US theoretical physicist) the universe is a sort of hologram. There is a unity of consciousness outside space and time which can enable us to connect with the ‘me’ we were at age 26 or 42…or 37…The physical universe has attributes of locality and non-locality. The universe will show local or non-local properties depending on the phenomena being observed. In the above example of Debbie and Derek, Debbie’s card writing and Derek’s texting displayed local properties but the consciousnesses involved in these activities displayed non-local ones. And so there is an interconnectedness of the universe in all its forms ; the mental and physical universes overlap and co-exist and there is no real division between mind and matter, or between the psyche and the body. In a holographic universe there are no boundaries of space or time.
How do we access the non-local properties of our universe at will rather than at random (as is usually the case)? Through intentionality. The universe of non-locality fills up all of space and time and is available to be accessed at will for those with focus. Focus can be achieved in two ways: through alpha waves in meditation where a goal is visualised and through continuous correction of thoughts throughout the day to steer reality in the direction we wish to go. This includes the reality of our physical body.

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