How to do a body scan

Body scan 4Repetitive negative thoughts can trigger emotions that sink into parts of our bodies and stay there, causing stress, which leads to DNA damage….and sickness and ageing. Performing a body scan can allow us to detect where there is a feeling of discomfort. These feelings sometimes surface during everyday life – for example, when we are hurt by a loved one, or after a breakup or a conflict at work. We may sense pressure on our lung and stomach area and a heaviness in the heart, almost as if a giant were standing on these parts of the body. More often however, these sensations are drowned out by everyday living, and a body scan can allow us to home in on them and eliminate them before they are allowed to grow into something physical that can harm us.

Body scan 2It is good to do the scan several times a week, because these feelings come back regularly, and can require repeated work before they are dissolved. New ones sink into place all the time. Performing a body scan on a regular basis is therefore good news for our bodies. The image above shows how we can use visualisation and sound to perform this exercise.
For each part of the body, starting from the bottom, we visualise the colour indicated above in that part, and make the vowel sounds at least three times, or as many times as it takes if there is a feeling of unease, until it disintegrates.

It is not necessary to ‘know’ what the issue is. A sensation is enough. If we wish, we can focus on a particular organ or body part – the kidneys, the knees, the back, the solar plexus for emotional pain – and breathe deeply, feeling the sensation become less dense, exhaling the tension and sensing it evaporate. Didgeridoo music or shamanic drumming is particularly effective in dissolving physical or emotional trauma. As we sound the vowels in the image, we imagine that the colours are becoming brighter and more perfect, and affirm that this organ or body part is healing completely and is now iBody scan 3n perfect health.

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