Time is a rubber band

Only 150 years ago almost no one owned a watch; instead people listened to their inner clock and observed the changes in their environment. You are probably wearing one now as you read this, or can see a clock on the wall. Take a look at this device. What exactly is it measuring? Can we see it, feel it, sense the substance that it records? Or is this substance just a sensation created by the brain, to order events and sensations, or to serve memory, both personal and social? Clocks and watches may measure time but we have all experienced this as illusion, since a minute can feel like an hour and a day like a single thought. Einstein showed that time is not an absolute quantity but is part of space-time within which we live our lives. So time can expand and contract like a rubber band – not only at the speed of light, but according to our perception of our inner and outer worlds.
We all have to observe social time, but learning to observe ritual time is just as important. This is the time when the mind produces alpha waves, a state of expanded consciousness during intense concentration, creativity or meditation, when time does not seem to exist at all.
Do we love ourselves enough to suspend the rat race? It is difficult to convince ourselves we deserve the time and even harder to stand the initial sense of tedium we feel when we give ourselves nothing to do. But it is worth giving boredom a chance!
Time, like success, is said to have a taste. It is possible to test this taste by stopping our thoughts while we are carrying out mundane activities. Let us then feel the floor holding us as we wash up or walk, let us ask who we are, why we are there, what we are doing, and why. Robert Lauritsch of the German Association for the Slowing Down of Time says, “The logic of progress and demands of measurability dictate that what is the highest performance today is only the average of tomorrow. No one can live an entire life pushed to the limits.” His motto is take time, give time, let time happen. Creativity and new ideas are born in the pauses, not during frenzied activity. Regeneration occurs in deep winter, when life sleeps under the frozen ground. This was the message of Christ’s birth, and that of Mithra, or Horus – it is the message of the spirit to the world.
Saved time is lost forever. And that rubber band is circular. It will not run out.

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