The Inner Cavern

Cave meditation 4We are standing at the entrance to a cave. The bright sunlight behinds us slowly fades as we walk into the darkness and our eyes adjust to the light. Before us lies a subterranean lake, and at the shore, a boat bathed in light. We get in, and the boat lights our way as we travel across the lake in a grotto of breathtaking beauty. The glistening white rocks around us display cathedral organs of smooth stone, and there is the sound of slowly dripping water. Huge icicles hang down from the ceiling, and we arrive at the opposite shore, where we get out and contemplate a vast array of weird formations, a magic fairyland of glowing stalagmites rising up from the floor. Some of them seem to have had their tips chipped off.
Cave meditation 2Suddenly we hear a soft hum, and a myriad of phosphorescent butterflies – purple, green, blue, whatever we choose – flutters into the cave. They seem to be attracted to the damaged formations in this surreal forest. Closer observation reveals they are depositing a resinous nectar on the ends, thick and dripping like treacle. Slowly the missing ends reform, the nectar solidifies and they are restored. The morphic field template that our bodies never lose recreates the original state of our damaged DNA; we have returned to our set point. Our set point is perfect health and youthful perfection. The butterflies are acting in accordance with commands from our consciousness. This is the mind-body connection which performs reverse engineering on damaged telomeres.
Cave meditation 3Satisfied that the wounds inflicted by accidents, past sickness, insults, abuse and trauma have been healed, we chant the mantra :

Peaceful ocean within me, be restored.
Om Nava Shivaya
(Meaning : “I bow to Shiva.” Shiva is the inner Self. It is the name given to consciousness that dwells in everything. Shiva is the name of your true identity- yourself.)
This seals the repair work.
We then take the boat back across the lake, and go out into the sunlight, and continue our lives.

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