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Do anti-wrinkle creams work?

Does anti-wrinkle cream get rid of lines?

Here`s the deal, based on 30 years of use of anti-aging cosmetics from a small group of committed – and extremely vain – women.


No one in the group ever saw a wrinkle disappear as a result of using some phenomenally expensive day or night cream. But using a cream may prevent new wrinkles forming. It does seem that the women who advocate natural beauty without the help of cream look older faster. “Cream during the day but at night, soap and water so that the skin can breathe,” a beautician once said. Unless she was actually 90 and still working, her appearance suggested she was wrong. The press are talking about Matrixyl, which scientists say boosts collagen – interesting that it is contained in the cheaper ranges of creams.

So, yes to this:


Prevent new wrinkles forming by using a cheap day cream containing a sunscreen – at least SPF15 –which you slap on over your face and neck, plus a hand cream also containing sunscreen (hands…the ultimate age give-away).

Night time:

Use a face-roller to massage the skin before applying your cream.

Liposome serums under a cheap night moisturiser are good – as is occasionally using a cream containing retinol. Focus on the upper lip and bridge of the nose, and on the crow’s feet area.

Stick bits of brown paper over your worst furrows to retrain the muscles (if your love life can survive it).

That`s it.

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